is an American indie rock trio from Minneapolis MN that officially formed in 2015. They blend the dirt of blues,the edge of hard rock,and the depth of 70's soul into bombastic grooves that are known for causing hip swaying, head bobbing, and the occasional no contact mosh pit.What was once an occasionally performing studio project for Shaun Ware
(guitar/lead vocals)
evolved until it became an actual band with the addition of Russ Staiger (bass/vocals) and Aaron Esnough (drums).
2 EPs and years of shows have seasoned the band to be a powerful live act. After a very long pause with the uncertainty of the worldwide pandemic, TTD have returned stronger than ever. Preparing to record EP number 3 and return to the stages that built the brand.



the time shaun found his hat
the time shaun and russ found hats
the first official TTD performance
the time aaron hit the time tunnel button
the time we hid in plain sight
the logo aaron made,shaun burned,and russ taped back together

wrtng ths dwn


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